Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

National IME Centres (NIME) employs a well-rounded, diverse staff of regulated health professionals, clinicians, legal consultants and former claims handlers.  The knowledge of these staff members ensures all reports meet the quality and defensibility expected by each and every customer.  The referral-to-report processes are managed by individuals who have several years of direct industry experience.

Our longstanding customer relationships are proof of our commitment to providing the highest quality of medical evidence.  Every report is reviewed to ensure fair, objective, non-partisan opinions within the assessor’s area of expertise.  Where jurisdictionally relevant, all reports are accompanied by a standardized form outlining the expert’s duty and obligation to assisting in the fair and accurate resolution of the claim.

National IME Centres recognizes that clear, concise communication is the difference between an acceptable and a superior medical report. 

We take the following approach to ensure the highest quality evaluations and objective, effective reports:

    • Specialist reports are printed on their letterhead.
    • Specialist reports are not typed by National IME Centres professionals.
    • Specialists conduct examinations or reviews at outside offices or clinics, not ours.
    • Specialists reports receive quality assurance review for omissions and grammatical errors.

National IME Centres never seeks to alter a medical opinion. We provide quality assurance support and oversight.