Extensive and Comprehensive Roster

National IME Centres (NIME) gives our customers access to the most qualified, preferred medical experts in Canada. Evaluators on our roster all adhere to current rules of civil procedure, have litigation experience as experts and meet all credentialing requirements prior to providing any services for National IME. Our credentialing process includes confirmation of court experience, percentage of practice that is dedicated to active treatment, ability to meet stringent timelines as well as our extensive quality assurance processes. Our stringent guidelines for choosing the appropriate evaluator guarantees the appointment of the right expert. We provide all types of independent medical evaluations using specialists with subspecialties  tailored to individual case circumstances. The National IME staff knows the qualifications of our experts, inside and out. We will discuss the right choice with you to ensure the strongest, unbiased medical opinion, and be mindful of budgetary concerns when applicable. 

Remote Area Service Coverage

The National IME roster includes medical experts from coast-to-coast and uses vetted experts in remote areas that the competition just cannot accommodate. In some circumstances, the vast expanse of our country creates situations where remote specialists simply aren’t available. National IME Centres provides the best solutions to these cases.  We have medicolegal experts that travel; we excel in facilitating patient travel and accommodation needs when this is the most practical means to coordinating the IME.